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Bringing peace and structure to your home that will help you to build strong and beautiful relationships with your children.

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At GemClass, our mission is woven into the very fabric of your family life. We understand the absolute necessity of reducing stress.  A stress-free environment is the perfect spring board to help your children to reach their full potential. A peaceful home is the perfect haven where strong and beautiful relationships with your children flourish. We understand the intricacies of family dynamics, and we’re here enhance the very essence of your familial journey.

Our Services

GemClass specialises in helping families facing with all manner of child related issues. Including but not limited to…

  • House guarding (Safety and set up)
  • Health and Safety risk assessments
  • Sleeping issues
  • Weaning
  • Behavioural issues
  • Aligning all adults in the household for a consistent approach
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Logistics
  • Initial set up for new baby arrivals
  • Settling into new environments
  • Tackling divided and changed familial dynamics

Interview & Recruitment Service

This is a bespoke service that builds a bridge between families and the recruitment process. The service identifies, pre-screens and short lists suitable candidates based on an in-depth understanding your family dynamics.

The service streamlines your recruitment process and removes stress and worry.

GemClass has collaborated with some of the best recruiters in London to help deliver the right nanny.

I specialise in trouble shooting and enjoy the challenge. I have worked extensively with children from all backgrounds and with many needs. I have a finely honed skillset for the observation of patterns of behaviour and active de-escalation of situations when children feel most stressed. I am positive, confident and would be honoured to work with your family.

Gemma Shuter : GemClass Founder

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