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GemClass specialises in helping families facing all manner of child related issues.

House Guarding
(Safety & Set-Up)

GemClass specialises in ensuring your home is a safe haven for your child. Their experts conduct thorough safety assessments, identifying potential hazards and implementing measures to create a secure environment. From baby-proofing to advising on age-appropriate play areas, their meticulous approach guarantees a protected space for your little ones.

Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Beyond basic childproofing, GemClass goes the extra mile with comprehensive health and safety risk assessments. Identifying potential health risks and implementing preventive measures, their consultants contribute to a healthy and secure living environment, giving parents peace of mind.

Sleeping Issues

We understand the challenges of sleep-related concerns for both parents and children. Their consultants provide personalised strategies to address sleeping issues, implementing proven techniques to establish healthy sleep patterns, creating a restful atmosphere for your child and a more relaxed environment for the entire family.


Introducing solid foods can be a delicate process. GemClass supports families through the weaning journey, offering expert guidance on age-appropriate nutrition, meal planning, and addressing any concerns or challenges that may arise during this important developmental stage.

Behavioural Issues

GemClass specialises in addressing and managing behavioural issues in children. Through a combination of proven behaviour management techniques and personalised strategies, their consultants work closely with families to create a positive and supportive environment, fostering healthy emotional and social development.

Household Adult Alignment

A unified approach to parenting is important. Their consultants work with all adults in the household to ensure consistency in parenting styles and strategies, promoting a harmonious environment that contributes to the child’s stability and well-being.

Sibling Rivalry

Rivalry can be managed and mitigated through tailored interventions and effective communication strategies, their consultants help foster positive sibling relationships, creating a supportive family dynamic.


GemClass takes care of the logistical aspects of childcare, from coordinating schedules to managing daily routines. Their meticulous approach ensures that the practical aspects of childcare are seamlessly integrated into the family’s lifestyle.

New Baby Arrivals

For families welcoming a new addition, GemClass offers comprehensive support in the initial set-up. From nursery planning to creating a welcoming environment, their consultants assist in making the transition smooth and stress-free for both parents and the newborn.

New Environments

Families are supported during the transition to new environments. Whether it’s a new home, city, or country, their consultants provide support in acclimating children to their surroundings, ensuring a smooth and comfortable adjustment period.

Changes in Familial Dynamics

We specialise in addressing the challenges of divided or changed familial dynamics. Through open communication, conflict resolution strategies, and emotional support, their consultants help families navigate changes and build resilience in the face of evolving circumstances.

We understand the intricacies of family dynamics, and we’re here not just to help but to enhance the very essence of your familial journey.

Gemma Shuter : GemClass Founder

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