Our Mission

To not only bring peace but a symphony of structure and support that elevates your daily living.

At GemClass, our mission is woven into the very fabric of your family life.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to assisting you in building not only a home but a haven where strong and beautiful relationships with your children flourish. Together we will architect tranquillity in your household through understanding the intricacies of your family dynamics.

Founder of GemClass

Gemma has worked with children for over 25 years. Having gained experience in a variety of settings, she eventually settled in nannying. This helped Gemma understand family dynamics and household challenges. So began the idea for GemClass. A sad goodbye was said to her conventional nannying career with a jump into helping multiple families at once. Gemma is passionate about helping children and has an absolute commitment to every child she works with.

“I find working with children is uniquely rewarding. I am honoured to have helped so many children and met so many wonderful families”

Gemma Shuter : GemClass Founder

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