Interview and Recruitment Service

Navigating the process of finding  reliable and trustworthy nannies and household staff can be overwhelming, and this is where GemClass services can step in to simplify the journey.

Our Approach

At GemClass, we understand the pivotal role that nannies and household staff play in the well-being of your family. Our exclusive and discrete Interview and Recruitment Service is designed to provide a seamless and personalised experience, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your unique needs.

Our Approach

Our recruitment process is not one-size-fits-all. We begin by understanding your family dynamics, lifestyle, and specific requirements. Whether you need a nurturing nanny, a meticulous housekeeper, or a dedicated personal assistant, we tailor our search to match your preferences.

Profile Building

We go beyond the traditional recruitment process. GemClass will interview candidates and match them to your families requirements. We build detailed profiles of each potential nanny.  Focussing on candidate’s skills, values and compatibility with your family culture.

Expert Guidance

GemClass consultants, with their extensive experience in childcare and household management, provide expert guidance throughout the recruitment journey. We offer insights on industry best practices, assist in crafting job descriptions, and help you navigate the decision-making process with confidence.

The GemClass Difference

Personal Connection

We believe in forging personal connections. Our consultants take the time to understand the unique dynamics of your family, ensuring that the candidates we present align not only with your practical needs but also with the values and ethos that define your household.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with the recruitment process. We provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth integration of the new staff member into your home. GemClass consultants remain available for consultations, addressing any concerns or providing additional guidance as your family and staff settle into their roles.

Exclusive Network

Benefit from our exclusive network of highly qualified and vetted candidates. GemClass has cultivated relationships with top-tier professionals in the childcare and household management industry, giving you access to a select pool of candidates who meet our stringent standards.

How it Works



Schedule a consultation with a GemClass expert. We’ll discuss your family’s needs, preferences, and any specific requirements for the role.


Customised Search

We initiate a tailored search based on your criteria. We leverage our extensive network and resources to identify candidates who align with your unique specifications.


Candidate Presentation

Receive detailed profiles of carefully vetted candidates. Each profile includes comprehensive information, allowing you to make informed decisions about potential matches.



GemClass facilitates interviews, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. We can assist in structuring interviews, providing guidance on questions, and facilitating communication between you and the candidates


Decision Support

After interviews, we offer support in evaluating candidates, providing additional insights, and assisting with the final decision-making process.


Onboarding Assistance

Once you’ve chosen a candidate, GemClass provides guidance during the onboarding process, helping your new staff member integrate seamlessly into your family and household.

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